How it works

In a simple and summarized way, these are the 3 steps that constitute the workflow of our platform.

Your Part

Register on the platform. Contact us through the form. You will receive a message with an investor number and e-mail address where to send the money by skrill. Once confirmed, login and you will have access to your percentage in the platform and your column to know how much you have in the pool. (Soon!)

Our Part

Your invested capital will be added to the capital of others and this capital will then be worked by us as one, which makes it easier for us in relation to capital management. Each investor when investing his money is assigned a percentage, he is able to change if someone deposits or withdraws money from the pool.

Your Profit

To withdraw click on the withdraw funds button. Select the amount and all withdrawal transfers are made on the Monday of each week (minimum 50 euros) or without minimum limit if you withdraw everything to leave.

Our Skills

Match Analysis

We analyze the pre-live and live game, adding our intuition to the market value for the choice of our bets.

Capital management

We do professional capital management, that is, we work with percentages and not with numerical values, which leads us to have a huge capacity of management thus reducing the risks.

Emotional control

Due to the vast experience (+ of 4 years) in this branch, we were able to rob our emotional, that is, we found opportunities of positive expected value (EV+) , to bet, and we put when we feel that the value that we return and superior to the risk that we run.

Consistent profits

We have been having consistent earnings, on average around 20% ROI per month, which is huge and defines us as a great bettor.

A Little About Us

BetUp Pro is an investment platform

Bet up is an open investment platform since October 10th, 2020, where the investor deposits his money on and then this will be worked on by our professional betting teams (who have been working in this field for over 4 years).

  1. Where does my money go?
    Your money, goes to a skrill account and is along with money from other investor members. This account is linked to our betting platform and it is therefore with this money that our team works to fruit it.

  2. How do I know how much money I have in this capital of all?
    When you create an account, you are assigned an investor number. You then log in and have access to the amount you hold of the total capital in euros and in %. These values change depending on the daily results of the pool, and/or with the arrival of new investors.

  3. Where is my money used and for what?
    Your money is added to the money of other users, thus making a total capital. Our team, will use this money to make bets of positive expected value (EV+) and bring benefits to all.

  4. What is the team's experience?
    The team of bettors, has a vast experience in the sports world and the world of betting. Your money will therefore be in the hands of those who can make it generate benefits in the world of sports betting.

  5. Is there a capital management?
    Yes, our team has rules to work the money. There is a strict strategy line to follow and a professional banking management to do.

  6. Is there a minimum deposit or withdrawal amount?
    To invest in BetUp, you need to deposit at least 50€. To withdraw you must also withdraw $50 or more, except to leave (i.e. in this case you can then withdraw your entire bank).

  7. What is the profit?
    The profit will depend on the performance of the team's daily results, however we aim to make a monthly progress between 10% - 20% of each person's capital.

  8. What is the risk?
    The risk, like any other investment is to lose your capital (something that will hardly happen, due to our professional management).

  9. How can I increase my earnings?
    To increase your earnings, you only need to increase your capital in the pool, the more % you have, the bigger your profit will be too (as bigger may be your losses).

  10. What are the benefits of investing with us?
    • You only have to deposit and sell the money to be worked.
    • You have access to the bets we make directly on the platform dashboard.
    • You don't waste time in game analysis, nor with emotional control in case of loss, you will then have more time for other things in life.
    • Security of your capital, in our BetUp platform.
    • Consistent yields.
    • A professional team working in this field since 2016.
    • Investor Privacy.
    • Online service team - 24/24 hours, 7/7 days.
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BetUp Pro is an investment platform in Portugal and France. They have been providing betting investments since 2020.

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